Who we are

Providing quality advice since 1987

Profile Consultancy is an RICS regulated tenant focused commercial practice, with offices in Bedford and York, advising many of the UK’s leading FTSE 100 companies.

Our dynamic and driven team of experienced staff draw upon their range of specialist skills in property, accounting and building consultancy to provide robust advice. We work in focused teams, but share knowledge across the business to give you the maximum benefit of our combined expertise.

Whilst we are best known for our work in the specialist field of Service Charge Management and Consultancy, we also provide unparalleled expert advice to challenge landlords’ insurance demands and offer building surveying solutions to complex technical problems.

We do not operate on a fully contingent or percentage of savings basis, which in this field tends to lead to a focus on short-term gain irrespective of collateral damage, and instead have positioned ourselves as specialist consultants providing a quality service with immediate response times and remunerated accordingly.